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I believe everyone should be part of the solution. Businesses should strive to give back to their communities, and together with government and the public find better ways to  solve today's challenges. We need to make our more sustainable, more compassionate and more livable. I will strive to make Tamakkan a platform that supports these values by bringing people together to discuss, collaborate and find solutions.”


Sana Bagersh is CEO of a communication and strategy consultant based in Seattle, Washington and Abu Dhabi, UAE. She is founder of Tamakkan, an entrepreneurship, leadership and innovation thought leadership platform that provides empowers organizations through strategy, communication solutions and consultancy services. She is also Global Engagement Advisor for BrandMoxie, a full service communication agency  out of Abu Dhabi which she led as  CEO from 2008 to 2020.

Since 2015 Bagersh has also been providing high level consultancy services for government and private institutions especially in the areas of strategy, communication, innovation, intrapreneurship, digital transformation, business development, international marketing and stakeholder relations.

Throughout her career Bagersh has always been a champion of corporate social responsibility, establishing a few social enterprises that she continues to oversee. She established Tamakkan in 2009 to create an ‘ecosystem’ for entrepreneurs to learn, engage and collaborate.  Also in 2009, Bagersh established Tempo, a magazine which later went online ( to bridge cultural understanding, promote diversity and social cohesion, while celebrating 'everyday people doing extraordinary things' such as community leaders, artists and innovators. In 2015, Bagersh set up a short film platform called The Smovies ( to support emerging artists and promote the creation of content that is organic, authentic and reflects real stories on social impact and public good themes.

Bagersh’s consultancy services to government have spanned communication strategy, innovation, intrapreneurship, stakeholder engagement and partnership building. These have included work for the Higher Colleges of Technology where she developed a framework to organize and streamline communication for internal and external communication across the 17 colleges. She also has provided consultancy services for Emirates Foundation in the areas of partnership building and engagement, as well as community building and social entrepreneurship. She worked from 2018 up to February 2020, as a senior strategy and innovation advisor to the Abu Dhabi Municipality and helped develop their partnership and CSR initiatives.

As Innovation Advisor to the Abu Dhabi Municipality, Bagersh has helped to launch innovation initiatives including Innovation Nation, a platform that brought government partners, VCs, incubators and accelerators together to collaborate to build a startup culture for the emirate. She also served on the advisory board of the Abu Dhabi Smart City Summit which focuses on nextgen solutions in urban design, planning and community services and the smart integration of technologies like AI, Blockchain and IoT.

In 2018/ 2019 Bagersh provided consulting to the Department of Economic Development and their TAMM digital government services platform. Her work included customer journey mapping, developing customer experience areas, enhancing customer engagement and involvement in the innovation space design. She also developed stakeholder engagement strategies, to strengthen rapport with the relevant government and non-governmental entities, and to facilitate longterm win-win collaboration protocols.

Bagersh occasionally organizes teambuilding and strategy workshops in areas such as critical thinking for business leaders, innovation strategy and entrepreneurship, and runs custom training for government in digital trends, reputation building, stakeholder engagement and advocacy. She is often called to speak at, and moderate seminars, in seminars in the UAE and the US and virtually at international online events.



For consultancy services, speaking engagements and workshops.
Sana Bagersh is available for speaking engagements on the topics of diversity and inclusion, interculturalism, international brandbuilding, corporate culture, marketing, communication strategy, leadership, community programs, entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship. She also delivers workshops on these topics.

Sana Bagersh's workshops include training in diversity/inclusion;  corporate culture to unleash innovation; leadership training for executives; as well as marketing/ digital strategy for businesses of all sizes.

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    More on Tamakkan: Tamakkan is a knowledge sharing platform that leverages the readiness of experts/ consultants to give back to the community. The initiative offers free monthly seminars to entrepreneurs on topics such as funding, marketing, social media, leadership, franchising, new technologies. Tamakkan’s partners have been Fatima Bint Hazza Foundation, AmCham Abu Dhabi, Mubadala GE, Aldar, INSEAD, Franklin Covey Middle East, Wollongong University, Boston University, Franklin Covey Middle East (led by Stephen M.R. Covey President and CEO of Covey Leadership Centre, and Tamakkan speaker) and Virgin Unite Mentors (led by Mark Thompson CEO and Co-Founder and Tamakkan speaker). Learn More  About Tamakkan.

    More on Tempo: The online magazine celebrates ‘everyday heroes’ who are making a difference through engagement, artistic initiatives and innovative ideas. Diversity is reflected through the magazine’s contributors and also through those featured. Some of the features include “Tempo Cause” where the magazine backs initiatives that serve the public good; “The Planetarians” which promotes conservation and sustainability; “Give a Damn” which urges young people to spread the values of sharing and compassion; “The Innovation Impact Community” which recognizes community leaders, and the Flash Fiction writing competition which promotes short story-writing. In collaboration with Tamakkan, Tempo organized the Youth Bold New World Forum at the Sorbonne University in Abu Dhabi in 2018 and has been requested by the university to organize it again in 2021, with a special focus on the Covid crisis. In response to the Covid outbreak Tempo launched the Hope Pandemic to promote small businesses, offering free marketing and sales support.

    AmCham Abu Dhabi: Bagersh served as board member at AmCham (American Business group) Abu Dhabi for four years; and chaired its Women in Business Committee for two years, and Chair of its Arts and Culture Committee for another two. She continues to support, and work with AmCham and the US Embassy on initiatives relating to entrepreneurship and women’s empowerment.

    As Chair of AmCham Abu Dhabi’s Women in Business committee Bagersh led the development and deployment of Women Achieve, a platform that promotes seven women’s empowerment ideals. These ideals urge companies to offer women training and promotion to senior positions; to take board positions, and to receive fair remuneration.  Women Achieve has been signed by over 70 companies including Parsons, Lockheed Martin, Exxon Mobil, Metlife, Accenture, Boeing, Raytheon, Bechtel, Cleveland Clinic, INSEAD, Northup Grumman, Mubadala GE Capital and others. Learn More About Women Achieve.

    In June 2015, Bagersh took over chairmanship of AmCham’s Art and Culture Committee which includes as members Flash Entertainment, NYU, the Guggenheim, Emirates Foundation and the Salama Foundation. Through the committee she has promoted the corporate support for the artists, partnerships among cultural entities, the celebration of cultural diversity, and making the arts accessible to people of different backgrounds.

    In March 2015, under Bagersh’s leadership, BrandMoxie teamed up with Rooftop Rhythms to launch the first Abu Dhabi International Poetry Festival. The following month, April 2015 BrandMoxie launched The Smovies - a short film competition platform intended to nurture emerging filmmakers in the UAE, through a strategic partnership of VOX Cinemas UAE. The competition promotes talented filmmakers and encourages anyone with a mobile phone to embrace the power of storytelling.

    Earlier Career

    In the past Bagersh had served as adjunct professor at Zayed University teaching marketing to fourth year students, and also served on various industry advisory committees in institutions such as the Higher Colleges of Technology Women’s College and Abu Dhabi Vocational Institute. Prior to this she lived in Seattle, Washington for seven years (1990-1997) where she worked in a marketing research company before setting up Alla Italia, a gourmet restaurant which she closed down once the family decided to move back to the UAE.

    Bagersh started her career as a journalist at Gulf News in Abu Dhabi, UAE (1985 – 1990), where she was one of a handful of Arab women involved in general reporting. Upon her return to the UAE she worked as as bureau chief (1997-1999) of Gulf News’ Abu Dhabi office, during which time she led the news team and launched the neighborhood reporting scheme which trained community reporters.  During her time as journalist she met leaders such as HH Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan al Nahyan, Richard Branson, George Bush Sr., Kurt Waldheim, Princess Diana and Prince Charles; attended press conferences for newsmakers such as Kofi Annan, Yasser Arafat, Muamar al Gaddafi, Benazir Bhutto, Jacques Chirac and Richard Cohen; and interviewed personalities such as Nelson Mandela and Wilfred Thesiger.

    Bagersh left Gulf News to work at Thuraya Satellite Telecommunication Company, from 1999 to 2006 as Manager Marketing Services. She led a marcom team that implemented strategy and marketing campaigns for Thuraya in several languages across multiple media channels, and over a footprint of 110 countries (across Africa, the Indian subcontinent and Europe). This involved research and deep understanding of social, cultural and religious contexts. Bagersh and her team served Thuraya’s vision of connecting rural communities and providing viable communications infrastructures for regions afflicted by poverty, natural disasters and war.

    Bagersh also provided communication strategic guidance and collateral support for service providers in Africa, Europe and Asia, and personally oversaw the service roll out campaigns for dozens of countries across Africa, the Middle East and the Subcontinent in both vertical and horizontal markets. In Africa these included Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia, Chad, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Kenya, Algeria, Tanzania, Sudan and Chad. In Asia she oversaw the marketing rollout across a region that included Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Afghanistan, the Subcontinent, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Nepal, Iraq, Jordan and Oman. She also supervised the campaigns for European countries including Italy, France, Portugal, Spain, Greece, Russia, Ukraine.

    Bagersh developed CSR programmes for Thuraya that included supporting local communities by providing services at reduced telecom rates, supporting educational initiatives in rural areas, connecting villages and developing infrastructures.

    Other: In 2011 Bagersh won the Aflam Qaseera grant for a short film script that she wrote, and went on to produce the film the following year. The film “The Journey” won Special Jury Prize at The Abu Dhabi Film Festival 2012, and still tours on the festival circuit.  Other awards she has received are: The National Short Fiction Competition in 2009 for 'Child Bride'; the Biz Globe award by in 2010; and the prize for Best Woman Contribution in Regional Business & Trade Development by the Third Middle East Women's Achievement Awards in 2004. In 2009 BrandMoxie was awarded the Tamayyuz Partnership Award by HH Sheikh Nahyan bin Sultan al Nahyan, UAE Minister of Higher Education in recognition of the agency’s role in training Emiratis through its broad internship initiative. More recently, (August 2015) Bagersh has been nominated by Emirates Woman magazine in the Achiever Category, Emirates Woman of the Year Awards.

    To know more about Sana Bagersh, search her online references.

    Author: BrandMoxie

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