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Dr Fran Apprich

Europe Director Tamakkan

Dr Fran is an Entrepreneur, Project Manager, Business Developer, Investment Strategist, Creative Director, Communication Strategist and University Professor. She is a German National, based in Europe.

Prof. Dr. Apprich has spent 9 years in Dubai and Abu Dhabi developing prestigious E-commerce businesses such as Sukar and, lecturing and contributing to smart government projects, gathering hands-on knowledge of investment and implementation practices in the region. She is currently developing and gathering investment for a pre-Corona testing device in collaboration with the prestigious Yale University. The project has been shortlisted for a public competition with an investment of 5 million dollars. 

She has volunteered her time to several UAE Business, Entrepreneurial, Education and Environmental Clubs that are supported by peace prize winners. These include Innovation Club, Dubai Business Women Club, Make Smart Cool and Green Hope. She is also a member of the German, French, Irish, UK and Belgium Club. She has arranged many international conferences, investment galas and set up innovative startups in collaboration with the UAE space agency ‘business in space’. 

Prof. Dr. Apprich held executive positions as founder, head of media departments, dean and award winning communication Strategist. In her capacity as Chairwoman, she has mentored young talent and organized educational seminars, investment networks and won numerous entrepreneurial and creative awards in Europe and the US.