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Tamakkan’s origins are steeped in corporate social responsibility. Tamakkan was set up by Sana Bagersh in 2009, in response for a need to create an ecosystem for entrepreneurs to help them to meet, learn and collaborate. The platform first met at Zayed University’s gymnasium on Airport Road in Abu Dhabi.

It soon moved to Mamoura Auditorium, where it provided free monthly seminars on entrepreneurship, leadership and innovation. After that it moved by invitation, to different venues, such as universities, community spaces, hotels, government spaces etc. It attracted great goodwill, as venues were offered free of charge, and speakers and coaches volunteered their time.

Tamakkan has grown to a full fledged leadership consultancy, but it remains committed to its CSR roots, offering free to attend monthly virtual sessions. We offer 90 minute monthly virtual sessions that help entrepreneurs explore new ways of doing business, new solutions and innovative thinking. We offer free to attend 90 minute virtual sessions.

Monthly virtual entreprenership bootcamps.

This bootcamp is open to all entrepreneurs around the world. If you’re interested in attending these sessions, register your interest and we’ll inform you of our upcoming bootcamps. We encourage entrepreneurs from disadvantaged countries to join us, from Africa, the Middle East and Asia. We will provide a non-judgemental, open space where you can share, learn and collaborate.

Monthly women’s entrepreneur bootcamp.

These are 90 minute sessions that provide a safe space where women can learn how to develop their skills and thrive in the workplace. This is open to women from across the world, and it is in English. If you’re interested in attending these sessions, register your interest and we’ll inform you fo our upcoming bootcamps

Join our classes.

Send us your details and we’ll create groups based on common interests and timings (as will be in different time zones). Fill out the form below with your details and interests.

Support us.

We are looking for partners who can amplify our efforts, enabling us to make a positive contribution to communities around the world. Do you have resources that can help entrepeneurs? Maybe its tools? Funding? Incubation? We want to hear from like-minded
entities. Talk to us. Let’s make the world better, together. Tell us in the form below.

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