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Tamakkan on October 31, 2019

David Allison

The best-selling author, advisor, and speaker who founded Valuegraphics, the first global database that measures what everyone in the world truly cares about. After a 30-year career working with some of the biggest brands in the world, he set out to erase our reliance on demographic stereotypes as a method of understanding each other. His team has analyzed 500,000 surveys in 152 languages from 180 countries around the world, and use statistically accurate data to help organizations understand what their audiences truly care about, and create better products, services, brands, and a better world too.

  • Learn how Valuegraphics adds a deeper layer of understanding to demographic profiles,
  • Hear about other organizations that have used this data
  • Take home a system that will help you meet your objectives more effectively.

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