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Participants will learn to influence audience reaction and behavior, whether in a presentation, team meeting, one-to-one conversation or any other communication, social or professional, using the secret communication techniques performers and leaders have used for centuries.

Tuesday, 17 October – 3:30pm – 4:30 pm

BRANDMOXIE at twofour54
Suite #307 building 446
David is Copinnacle photo 1-Founder and CEO of Pinnacle Performance Company; a global performance-based training firm that has revolutionized presentation and communication skills training. He is also co-inventor of The Pinnacle Method; a unique and innovative learning system that meshes time-tested acting techniques with contemporary business skills (Performance-Based Communication) to teach business professionals how to clearly and concisely influence their audience through the delivery of their message. Prior to launching Pinnacle, David spent a number of years in executive level sales and marketing positions at both Fortune 500 companies and hi-tech/internet start-ups, where he was generally tasked with building and developing the initial sales forces.
David and co-founder G. Riley Mills have written a book based on the award-winning Pinnacle Method, “The Pin Drop Principle”, published by Jossey Bass.
Tamakkan is an initiative aimed at nurturing entrepreneurship, leadership and innovation by providing seminars and workshops. Established in June 2009 by BrandMoxie, a leading advertising and marketing company in the UAE, Tamakkan supports the growth of SMEs and startups by providing access to information and networking, as well as promoting innovation, best practices and corporate social responsibility to corporations and institutions.
Pinnacle Performance Company provides individuals, from introverts to polished speakers, with the tools and techniques needed to become more influential communicators. By applying our innovative three-step process, we show you how focusing on your message’s objective and delivery will allow you to achieve specific audience reactions, captivate your audience, and communicate like a true leader.